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How To Maintain Car Sealing Strips?

Oct. 28, 2021

Car Sealing Strip

It is not difficult to find seals on the edges of the car's doors, windows, and sunroof. These not-so-obvious seals are often the problem that car owners tend to ignore when maintaining their cars. As we all know, the car's seals are because of their gel characteristics to play a sealing role. If the seals are exposed to the sun for a long time, it is easy to age, cracking, sealing performance may be greatly reduced, not only the image of the car's environmental sound insulation, serious water leakage, water seepage, and other phenomena.


To do a good job in the maintenance of the seal


To do a good job of cleaning the seals

Owners can clean the seal every one or two quarters. Specifically, you can first use a clean wet sponge to wipe the slides, grooves on the dust, and then dry sponge wipe more than once to keep the seals clean. These operations are quite simple, basically, no need to go to a special car wash can be carried out. In the car wash if the use of high-pressure water gun, remember not to spray the water directly without identification results, otherwise it is easy to make the seal in the impact of high-pressure water column deformation, a long time will affect the sealing performance of the seal, the car is also more likely to enter the water.


Car owners need to pay attention to the car's parking location


When it comes to the need for a long time parked outdoors, the vehicle should try to avoid direct exposure to the sun, if possible, it is best to cover - some special reflective car clothing, to prevent the doors, sunroof side of the seal due to heat deformation and cracking. If you can't avoid it, don't physically cool the seal by splashing water directly. The large temperature difference will often change the internal structure of the seal, causing it to deform and crack. In addition, regular maintenance with rubber maintenance agent on the car sealant, but also to keep the sealant long elasticity.


Replacement of the seal note the following 3 points:


1. Before replacing the seal must be carefully observed: need to compare their own car seals, choose the correct style.

2. After the seal is selected, the original seal should be removed before installation: the seal needs to cover the place wipe clean, especially the residual rubber, dust.

3. doors will generally leave one or two water outlets. In the sticky seal when you pay attention not to block the water outlet, otherwise it will cause the car into the water.


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