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How to Use Weather Stripping to Retain Warmth?

Dec. 15, 2021

D Shape Weather Stripping


Applying fresh weather stripping or rubber sealing strip is one of the most effective solutions to fix drafty windows. It prevents heat loss, helps beat the chill and keeps dirt and pests at bay. Available in different styles, you’ll have plenty of choices to seal the sashes of your operating windows.


The benefits of weather stripping

It Is Economical

It can be a viable alternative to window replacement if you want to stop excessive air infiltration on a very tight budget. Like sealing patio doors, installing weatherstripping around windows is simple enough for most DIYers.

Normally, the job only involves scraping chipped paint as well as worn-out weatherstripping and doing some basic measuring. You can skip professional assistance, which eliminates the cost of labor. Considering that up to 25% of indoor heat escapes through window gaps, new weatherstripping can pay for itself when applied perfectly.

Still, workmanship errors may affect the structural integrity of the units. In case of damage due to poor weatherstripping installation, your window warranty may be voided.

It Requires Replacement Regularly

Properly installed weatherstripping can seal windows along with hinged and sliding doors, but store-bought materials usually have short lifespans. Since the strip surrounds moving panels, everyday friction can accelerate its wear. It may promise long-term benefits, but experts consider it a temporary solution to draftiness.


How to use it?

Before you start tapping in weather-stripping over every nook and cranny, check for drafts. The stationary parts of your window — such as around the molding — require caulk. Moveable parts need the flexibility of weather-stripping.

Huimai recommends choosing weather-stripping appropriate for climate conditions as well as wear and tear. Rainy climates require vinyl weather-stripping because it holds up well under damp conditions.


Know about Huimai D Shape Weather Stripping

D Shape Weather Stripping is also called D-type rubber sealing strip, D-type foam sealing strip, and D-type foam rubber sealing strip. Huimai is a leading manufacturer specializing in the production of various unique shapes. And can provide customers with Oem D Shape Rubber Seal For Car. Please get in touch with us!


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